If you ended up here, it might mean that you wanted to know something more about us and our world and see what we have to offer. If so, we would be more than happy to show you 🙂

Who are we? We are a couple for a few years. We met working in the same company in Krakow, Poland and soon found out that we share similar views and attitude towards the world so we quickly became friends. Soon after that, we split out paths professionally but decided we cannot really walk without one another again 🙂

Among other things, we are always trying to find time to discover a new place and enjoy our passion for new places, cultures, and people. The Polish organization skills and the Spanish effrontery came together in Ruta Ideal.

Let’s make it funnier, I’ll introduce David to you and he will tell you something about me (Kalina).

DAVID: He is the brain and the whole soul of this project. Always active and full of new ideas. Once he starts something up, there is no way to stop him. He will do everything to achieve his goal (and I’m talking much more than abs for summer, which is already a too easy task for him :P). It is impressive where he gets the motivation from to get up early in the morning before going to work and study some development strategies of the blog or prepare for Polish classes (which, I have to admit, is one of the most annoying language to study and should be the worst point of having a Polish girlfriend! But still, he’s trying 🙂). The most easy-going and wonderful person I’ve met. Wherever he goes, he’s always spreading good energy and sense of humor, making everyone feel good in his company. Hopefully you too! 🙂

KALINA: As a good friend of mine once told me, from the very first moment we saw her, he said that this girl is going to be mine and that’s how it was. What luck I had! It is the sympathy in person, always brightens everyone’s day, radiates an energy and always has a smile on her face, which makes her unique. She is a hard worker and I envy so much her ability to learn languages. I would go with her to the end of the world, she is my companion in life, travel and my best friend. Something negative? Well of course! Few people know it, but this little one has quite a character, but well.. usually it can be tamed. 🙂

Welcome to our world! 🌎

Now that you know a little more about us, it’s our turn to get to know you. For anything you need or any doubts you have while planning your travels, or if you simply what to know how we are and drink a beer together, we are at your entire disposal to contact us through info@rutaideal.com.

We will be happy to help you on your next traveling adventure.

Greetings from some part of beautiful SE Asia.

David and Kalina

¿Quiénes somos?



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